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Be Fearless. Be Authentic. Be You. 

BeYou Arts Performance Academy cultivates competitive performer skills that transform into significant life skills. Show up exactly as you are. We offer beginner to advanced, private and group lessons, in voice, acting, singing, and performance prep. At BYA, you will find a community that will work to advance your goals, with one on one support.   

Be fearless. Be Authentic. Be YOU.  Standout. 

 Read on to learn more about our endeavors, upcoming events, and packages.

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BeYou Arts Performance
Prep Academy

The BeYou Arts Performance Academy is a perfect fit for you if.... 

  • You don’t understand why you aren’t booking the roles you desire.

  • You have that special something needed to be a great performer and want to master your talent.

  • You are struggling in certain areas but strong in others and want to become a true “triple threat."

  • You are looking for a training program that leads to professional jobs, top universities and confidence in any career choice. 

  • You are open to positive feedback and want to grow. 

  • You are brand new and dont even know where to start, but know you love the arts! 

The BeYou Arts Performance Academy isn’t a great fit for you if....
  • You think performing can’t help you in other areas of your life.

  • You aren’t willing to be humble and part of an incredibly inclusive environment.

  • You think you have nothing to learn. 

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What Makes BYA different 

  • Customized 1:1 attention even in our group classes

  • We specialize in getting kids and teens the roles they desire

  • Everything we teach is designed to build a finely tuned toolkit for their future in the arts and in the world

  • Contemporary training methods with a classical  foundation, allowing us to connect deeply with the social media generation

  • We have a 100% honesty policy with our students, giving constructive feedback, teaching them to appreciate critique 

  • We are a tight community that vow to be a students safe space