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Meet Dani

"Be Brave enough to show the world who you are 
without an apology."

Danielle is an inspiring and innovating voice teacher who individualizes every lesson for her students. She analyzes the students needs and adapts the lessons accordingly. Danielle is continually studying new techniques allowing her to find the quickest and safest way to develop her students' voices.

She believes that voice lessons aren't just about mastering vocal technique.  Danielle picks up on what students need mentally, inspiring them to be they who they are authentically without all the noise of the world and the business.  

Her technique helps them master their voice and her attitude helps them to master their life.  

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 BYA Vocal Services

Why take a lesson
with Dani
  • Increase your vocal range

  • Develop your registers 

  • Gain stage presence

  • Acting through the song technique

  • Be exposed to what is expected at the professional level 

  • Gain confidence in your own voice 

  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to build them

  • Build audition repertoire 

  • Learn to belt safely

  • Learn what mix actually is and how to do it

  • Learn its ok to take risks and put yourself out there when you are performing 


Services include:

  • Private Voice lessons in person or via zoom. 

  • Vocal therapy 

  • Audition prep 

  • Developing vocal range including Belt and Mixed Voice 

  • Mastering all registers 

  • Navigating Voice changes through life

  • Acting through the song

  • Audition reels for sides and songs 

  • Performance prep for all types of productions 

  • Crafting audition book 

  • Contact to book workshops, for how to belt, SOVT exercises,  & acting the song 

  • Does your production need help with a certain number or with cast members connecting to their character?  Contact Dani! 


How it all started..

Danielle Brindisi is a dynamic artist, vocal coach, and director specializing in vocal technique, stage presence, and audition preparation. Her expertise is honed through a comprehensive education at NYU in Musical Theatre, Temple University in Marketing, Journalism, Broadcasting, and Stockton University in Musical Theatre Education. In conjunction with specific training in in conjunction with specific training in the methods of Stanislavsky, Vocal Trauma, Seth Rigg's speech level singing, and a continuing licensee & student of Badiene Magaziner. 

      Her students thrive at prestigious institutions such as NYU and Pace, securing representation from top agents like Carson Adler and Innovative. They have secured roles in national commercials for brands like L.L. Bean and Dr. Prayers, appeared in multiple films, participated in numerous Broadway readings, provided voiceovers for Netflix series like "Gabby’s Dollhouse," and taken leading roles in productions spanning from local to national tours.

      Despite her dedication to teaching, Danielle maintains an active performance career represented by Frontier Booking International. With a rich background encompassing regional and celebrity tours, Equity dinner theatre, Broadway readings, commercials, and voiceover work, she has garnered praise for standout performances, notably as Adelaide in "Guys & Dolls" and Cassie in "A Chorus Line." Additionally, Danielle has showcased her musical talents as a jazz vocalist at esteemed venues such as Chris's Jazz Cafe and Sardi's in NYC. After a hiatus following 9/11 due to PTSD, Danielle rediscovered her passion portraying Maria in the inaugural US adaptation of "A Courtyard of Miracles." This experience reignited her interest in directing and motivated her to elevate the standards of performing arts education, instilling resilience in her students to navigate the complexities of the industry.


      Stay updated on Danielle's artistic endeavors and those of her students by following her on Instagram (@beyouartsnj) or TikTok (@beyouartsnj). 

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