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Meet Dani

"Be Brave enough to show the world who you are 
without an apology."

Danielle is an inspiring and innovating voice teacher who individualizes every lesson for her students. She analyzes the students needs and adapts the lessons accordingly. She doesn't follow one set regimen. Danielle is continually studying new techniques allowing her to find the quickest and safest way to develop her students' voices.

Danielle's voice lessons aren't just about mastering vocal technique.  Danielle picks up on what students need mentally, inspiring them to be their best self helping students to gain the tools to master life. 

Retro Microphone

 BYA Vocal Services

Why take a lesson
with Dani
  • Increase your vocal range

  • Develop your registers 

  • Gain stage presence

  • Acting technique through the song 

  • Be exposed to what is expected at the professional level 

  • Gain confidence in your own voice 

  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to build them

  • Build audition repertoire 


Services include:

  • Private Voice lessons in person or via zoom. 

  • Vocal therapy 

  • Audition prep 

  • Developing vocal range including Belt and Mixed Voice 

  • Mastering all registers 

  • Navigating Voice changes through life

  • Acting through the song

  • Audition reels for sides and songs 

  • Performance prep for all types of productions 

  • Crafting audition book 

Want a lesson with Dani?

Thanks for Inquiring! You will hear from Dani soon!

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