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3rd Annual Christmas Cabaret 

The event will be held in collaboration with Anthem Lounge, located within the Tropicana,  and Professional Boxing Instructor and Personal Trainer, Jon Simon’s program “Boxx for Tots” which collects gifts for children and families within our area who are enduring financial burdens.

Show: Sunday Dec. 4th 4 pm - 6pm
Apps, Cocktails & Christmas!



Email to ATTN: Cabaret Submission. 

- ONE copy of your resume.

- ONE headshot. (If you do not have a professional picture, a school photo will do. )

- Notate any dance experience.  

-- If you are older than 12 would you be interested in participating in a BeYouette dance (Play on the Rockettes)


-16-32 bars from a musical in the style of the show. (no longer than one (1) minute . Sing any song of your choice that best represents your talent and vocal range.


Here are the TENATIVE requirements:

-Each participant would have to sell at least 4 tickets at $25.  

-Each participant must take 2 voice lessons to work song.  

-There will be a minimal rehearsal fee based on the numbers you are chosen or wish to be in.  BeYouEttes or another group number 


  • There will be one rehearsals on a Sundays. The mandatory one is: Nov. 27

  • Alternative dates rehearsal could be depending on what numbers you are put in are:.  Oct. 23 Nov. 6 &/or  Nov. 20 

  • You Do not have to be at them all!  This will be discussed individually.  But you will be in more than just “your song”

-You will wear something you have.  You will not be asked to purchase anything.. 

-Looking for BEYOUETTES, (a play on the rockettes). Beyouettes are dancers and must be 12 & up. They will perform multiple times within the Tropicana. 

-You will have to work on your own. Some will get more than others song and reading wise.  this is merely due to experience.  Each person will have a chance to shine. 





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